We Are Element Percussion

At Element Percussion we believe in a new way of thinking. A new way to view our drumming, a paradigm shift if you will. We believe we can provide the elements you need to do what you do best.

Having been a drummer for over 30 years, I have tried nearly every drum stick on the market. When we created Element drum sticks, not only did I see a significant improvement over every other drum stick available, but it even improved my drumming!
Gary Goins, Founder, Element Percussion

We use the finest quality wood handpicked from select regions across America. The climates of these regions have been studied to ensure the wood will produce the highest quality implements to meet the demands of today’s top performing percussionists. After the wood is harvested, it is then taken through a patented grinding process. These machines work the wood into the desired dimensions while maximizing the sticks density.

The result is a great feeling, extremely durable stick that can last all the way to the end of your performance and beyond.

Our Valuable Team Members

Gary Goins
Gary GoinsFounder/Owner
Gary is the Founder and Head Honcho of Element Percussion.
Rich Hinshaw
Rich HinshawDirector of Artist Relations
Rich is the heart of Element Percussion.
John Muller
John MullerSales Director
John is the voice of reason at Element Percussion.

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