Drum Set

We take drumming as serious as you do, and when it’s time to choose a stick that matches your intense performance needs, we have the best quality sticks to get you through your gig every time!



Today’s top marching bands and drum corps expect nothing but the best, and we’ve developed our marching sticks to meet and exceed the demands of each and every performer.

Element Concert


The smooth subtle art of concert percussion requires a softer touch and variety of texture choices. We’ve put together some of the most well balanced sticks to make your music come alive.

Why Choose Element

      • Over 75 Years of drumming experience that enhances each and every product design and production.
      • Hand pitched and weighted stick pairings, using an artisan approach to delivering the highest levels of quality.
      • Optional i-zone construction that allow each stick to last longer and remain stronger when you need it.
      • Patented grinding and dry kiln process that reduces vibration and moisture, giving you complete control.
      • Proud to be manufactured right here in America and made of the finest hand selected wood and finishes.

Element Buzz

“I love these sticks! These are so comfortable in my hands and I can get so much power from them. They have to be the most durable and longest lasting sticks I’ve ever used.”
Ron Nuttall, Independent Drummer
“The Element 5A Grinders are simply the best feeling and most consistent sticks I have played. The i-zone makes the sticks extremely durable.”
Kevin Hernandez, Independent Drummer
“Before I switched to Element, I was using sticks from the big guys. They never seem to be as good as they wanted me to believe. Now, when I pick up a pair of 5A Grinders, they feel perfect in my hands. No vibration and no stick shock. Simply the best.”
Andy Warren, The Mowgli's
“Most sticks I’ve used end up splintering and completely breaking right In the middle of my gigs. Now that I switched over to Element’s i-zone sticks, I’m not worried about breaking and splintering anymore. I can now focus on what most important to me – Performing for my fans and playing my music without any worries. Thanks Element!”
Lyle Riddle, Terraplane Sun
“I’ve know the guys over at Element for nearly 20 years, and I can honestly say they are passionate about what they do. They eat, drink and sleep drumming. And at the same time, they refuse to put their name on any product that isn’t cutting edge and worthy. Keep Rock’n it with Element!”
Michael Bedard, The Lucky Lonely